Georgia football introduces a new locker room in Sanford Stadium

With a new coach, comes a plethora of new opportunity for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia football is bringing something brand new to the table -- a locker room on the west end of Sanford Stadium. 

The Bulldogs are prepared for a fresher look with coach Kirby Smart as the new man in charge.

The Georgia athletic board approved the decision for the new changes Thursday. The board will remove $1 million dollars from the reserve fund to cover the costs of the new locker room and recruiting entertainment facility. 

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity is at the head of this project and, through a university-released statement, emphasized that this project is the best way to maximize space in Sanford Stadium.

The west end of the stadium will also undergo several renovations to the concessions and restrooms, although the actual stadium's structure will not change.

The traditional Dawg Walk the players complete before each home game will also remain the same. The Bulldogs will just have a much easier time prepping for games without the commute from Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall to Sanford Stadium.

With this new project and these renovations, Saturdays in Athens are about to get a whole lot nicer. 

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