Jim Harbaugh fires back after Nick Saban criticizes satellite camps

Jim Harbaugh has found a new foe to target on social media.

Last night, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh took to Twitter to respond to yet another critic of his satellite camps.


Nick Saban has publicly opposed satellite camps for quite some time now, but it was his comments during a press conference yesterday that triggered a reaction from Harbaugh. When the topic of satellite camps came up, Saban said that the camps are “all about recruiting.” He went on to say, “What's amazing to me is somebody didn't stand up and say here's going to be the unintended consequences of what you all are doing.” Apparently Harbaugh didn’t find it very “amazing.”

This is not the first time that Harbaugh has used Twitter to respond to his SEC critics.

When Georgia head coach Kirby Smart criticized satellite camps, Harbaugh tweeted this:


When Tennessee head coach Butch Jones made a comment about the camps, Harbaugh was ready:


He even tweeted this, which most people believe was directed at the entire SEC:


The satellite camp battle between Jim Harbaugh and the SEC has gone back and forth, with the NCAA banning the camps temporarily before rescinding the ban a few weeks later.

Whether Saban and his SEC colleagues like it or not, Harbaugh will keep the satellite camps going as long as they’re legal, and he will keep calling out anyone who disagrees with him.


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