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LSU coach Les Miles disapproves of satellite camps in Louisiana

Satellite camps are the talk of the SEC, and Les Miles isn't too keen on allowing other coaches to recruit in his state.

Satellite camps are on everyone's radar in the SEC this summer, and Les Miles recently sounded off on the idea of allowing one in his territory.

He admitted it was impossible to keep other schools out of satellite camps in Louisiana in an interview with The Advocate's Scott Rabalais. However, "if [he] could, [LSU] would hoist small caliber weapons" to keep schools out.

Currently, the SEC is on board with satellite camps whether he likes it or not; though Miles is making his opinion pretty clear. He also stated during the interview that SEC schools "have a very lucrative recruiting area." The South contains loads of football talent, and now outside coaches, who usually do not step foot beneath the Mason-Dixon line, will have the opportunity to check out the some of the area's top prospects.

The camps may be legal according to NCAA regulations, and the SEC may be on board, but Miles clearly still isn't too fond of people picking from his homegrown crop.

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