Baylor Scandal: Art Briles Says He Made Mistakes

Admission comes as 7 Baylor incoming freshmen are reportedly asking out of their letters of intent

One week after Art Briles resigned from his head coaching position at Baylor, Briles revealed in a statement he would have done things differently.

“After 38 years of coaching, I have certainly made mistakes,” said Briles in his first statement since resignation, “In hindsight, I would have done certain things differently.”

Shockwaves from the Baylor sexual assault scandal that forced his ouster continue to spread. ESPN reported on Wednesday evening that seven Baylor football signees have asked to be released from their letters of intent: four-star guard Patrick Hudson, four-star tackle J.P. Urquidez, three-star wide receiver Jared Atkinson, four-star running back Kameron Martin, four-star cornerback Parrish Cobb and three-star athlete Donovan Duvernay. Four-star Devin Duvernay has been released after Baylor failed to submit his NLI within 14 days of signing. He's free to explore spots at other schools and schools are able to recruit him. 

Baylor has 30 days to grant or deny the release requests and to lift the recruiting ban that bars athletes from contacting coaches at other schools. If a recruit’s request is denied by the school, the recruit may appeal that decision to the NLI Policy and Review Committee which has four to six weeks to review the recruit’s and school’s reasoning.

Baylor president Ken Starr’s leadership was revoked on Wednesday in favor of him teaching, and Athletic Director Ian McCaw was placed on probation after law firm Pepper Hamilton performed a review of Baylor’s response to reports of sexual assault and violence perpetrated primarily by football players.

Briles addressed victims of the crimes in the statement and said while he was “contractually obliged to remain silent” on the Pepper Hamilton investigation, he hoped to share what he knew so victims and Baylor fans alike could heal.

Pepper Hamilton’s review included summaries of Baylor’s athletic administration and leadership's failure to take action on Title IX, violence, and sexual assault issues.

“I am truly grateful for having the chance to coach hundreds of young student athletes at this University,” said Briles in the statement. “I am deeply humbled for having the opportunity to be a part of the Baylor Nation,”

Baylor announced Monday that Jim Grobe would be temporarily serving as head coach after coaching Ohio University from 1995 to 2001, and Wake Forest 2001 to 2013.  


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