3 Takeaways from SEC Meetings

New penalties, collective replay, and an extension on transfer ban.

Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh duked it out via social media after Saban made divisive comments about Harbaugh’s beloved satellite camps, but that’s not the only thing that came from the Southeastern Conference meetings. Here are three takeaways from this week’s meetings.

  1. Flip it and Reverse it: For the first time in the conference, the SEC will host a “command center” at SEC headquarters in Birmingham, Al. where officials working a live game can consult with officials reviewing game footage on calls. The team of officials will decide whether to uphold or reverse a tough calls made on-site by the replay official. This will help eliminate inaccurate calls.


  1. New rules, new penalties: If a player hits a sliding player, that can earn a penalty, as well as tripping the ball carrier -- these are new penalties as voted on by SEC representatives in Destin. Given the development of collective replay, officials will also be able to flag target calls that they didn’t initially flag after reviewing video of the action. Targeting was clarified -- and that head-to-head contact isn’t always targeting --, and blindside blocks were added to that definition.


  1. Trouble in Paradise: The SEC has been a hotbed of controversy in the off-season. When it’s not Mississippi State taking on a freshman caught on tape brutally beating a woman, then it’s Ole Miss being knee deep in NCAA investigations after Laremy Tunsil admitted to staff paying him to play. When it’s not Alabama breaking NCAA rule and contacting recruits during a no-contact period, then it’s Tennessee treading water in a Title IX lawsuit. To address violence concerns, new legislation was passed to ban SEC schools from welcoming athletes on their roster who have been dismissed from other schools and plead guilty or no contest to violent misconduct felonies. Regardless, the SEC has been making headlines for actions far from the football field.

SEC meetings conclude Friday in Destin, Fl.

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