Consensus Ranking of Top 5 College Sports Towns, 2016

We combined multiple ranking systems to determine the very best college sports towns in the U.S. Is your school on the list?

College towns are often chock-full of rich history, good food, great museums, and interesting architecture. When football is also thrown into the mix, however, a good college town becomes a great one. Multiple sites in recent years have released rankings of the best college sports towns, so based on the articles Ranking the Top 15 College Football Towns in the CountryTop 15 College Football TownsAmerica's Best College Football TownsThe Best 50 College Towns in AmericaAmerica's 10 best college football towns, we created a consensus ranking of the top 5 college sports towns for 2016. 

These rankings are based on information given by alums and local insiders, the size of the college in comparison to the city, the location of the campus in each city, the culture the city has to offer, the energy of the city on a game day, tailgate quality, and the strength of the football program at each college.

Who's No. 1? Watch and find out!

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