LSU bans opposing bands from Tiger Standium

There's only room for one band in Tiger Stadium, it seems.

The LSU Tigers have banned opposing bands from performing in Tiger Stadium because there are "safety issues," according to LSU's athletic department spokesman, and the stadium is not big enough.

It appears that, indeed, the sixth largest college football stadium in America—which holds 102,321 people—does not have enough room for two bands to perform at halftime. Space has not been an issue for other schools in the SEC that hold smaller capacities than Tiger Stadium. Nevertheless, LSU is still discouraging other bands from performing on its field for the 2016 season.

Bands of opposing schools on LSU's schedule are canceling trips to Tiger Stadium according to's Ron Higgins, but LSU will not change its mind on the new rule anytime soon. 

The Tiger Band will have home advantage and the entire halftime show when it comes to games in Baton Rouge. 

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