Art Briles Files Motion for His Name to be Cleared from the Baylor Football Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Two months after being fired from Baylor University, Art Briles has filed a motion to remove his name from the Baylor football sexual assault case.

Art Briles asked a federal judge on Wednesday to remove him from the lawsuit that accuses him and other school officials of disregarding claims that a woman was raped by one of Briles’ former football players.

Briles’ legal team argues that under state and federal law, he cannot be sued as an individual in a lawsuit against the university. His lawyers also say that the claims about Briles ignoring allegations about his players were based on hearsay. Finally, his lawyers argue Jasmin Hernandez was attacked in 2012 and didn't file her lawsuit until 2016, so any actions against Briles would fall outside of a two-year statute of limitations. Thus, they claim he cannot be held liable for Hernandez’ attacks under state law.

Briles’ attorneys filed a separate motion asking that Hernandez’ lawyer, Alex Zalkin, be removed from the case. Briles says Zalkin falsely told ESPN that Briles skipped a settlement meeting last month, a meeting Briles says was never discussed. In fact, the motion against Zalkin says Briles does not want to settle with Hernandez because he would be admitting wrongdoing, something Briles claims he did not do.

Finally, Briles asks that if Zalkin cannot be removed from the case, that he should not be allowed to speak publicly about the case.

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