Best College Football Student Section Debate: Penn State vs Wisconsin

College football analyst Kirk Herbstreit says Penn State has the best student section, with Wisconsin as a close second. Two Scout interns from those schools debate which section is superior. Let the games begin!

College football is one of the most unique sports atmospheres in the world. The combination of pride, tradition and dedication is unparalleled, and every school brings something unique to the table.

Kirk Herbstreit, a college football analyst for ESPN and former Ohio State quarterback, was asked on Twitter which university had the best student section.

Herbstreit stuck to his Big Ten roots, but sided with the rival Penn State Nittany Lions' student section as the best in the country. He said Wisconsin was a close second.

Both Penn State and Wisconsin have a storied history in college football, a combined four national championships and three Heisman Trophy winners.

Watch George Stockburger and Julia Rennert, two Scout interns from Penn State and Wisconsin, respectively, make their case for a No. 1 student section ranking, while also giving a unique insight into the gameday traditions of their respective schools.

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