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Les Miles discusses Baton Rouge shootings at SEC Media Day

The LSU coach started his press conference on something other than football.

Thursday was LSU's time to shine at SEC Media Days, which meant a heavy dose of Les Miles—and the Mad Hatter didn't disappoint. As per usual, Miles sprinkled some super-quotable lines over his 30 minutes at the podium, but he began by sharing his thoughts and responses to the situation in Baton Rouge, where Alton Sterling was fatally shot by police on July 5 and subsequent protests have created heavy tension.

“If you look to see change and if you watch the representation of our country on live TV, you realize change is necessary," Miles said in his opening statement. "It comes through all of us, everybody in the room, certainly me. It’s inclusive, you reach for others, you need to be respectful of their life and their opinion and who they are."

Miles has held meetings with his staff and players that "brushed the surface of the issues," he said. The veteran head coach admitted he doesn't quite know how to handle these sorts of things, but that a discussion of some kind was necessary.

“When you look at what’s going on in our country and you look at the culture of a football team, the culture of any team, people have to buy in, have great energy, have to work hard, have to do their job," Miles said.

Check out the transcript from the first part of Miles' monologue here.

Miles delivered a 20-minute, 31-second opening statement, leaving less than 10 minutes for questions; for comparison, Ole Miss's Hugh Freeze, who spoke after Miles, opened up the floor after just six minutes. Miles spoke about his recent trip to Cleveland for the NBA Finals, breaking two toes while playing catch with his daughter in flip-flops, and what seemed like the Tigers' entire depth chart (LSU returns 18 starters, most notably Leonard Fournette, a perennial Heisman candidate).

Here are some other highlights from the presser:




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