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Big Ten football student-section ticket prices: Who pays the most?

There is a wide range of student season-ticket prices throughout the Big Ten.

As college football season approaches, fans from all around the country are purchasing season tickets to watch their favorite teams play. Students are going through the same process, and, depending on which school they attend, some are paying significantly more for tickets than others.

With tickets as cheap as Illinois' $60 season package and as expensive as Ohio State's $252 season package, student ticket prices greatly vary from team to team in the Big Ten.

Ohio State has the most expensive student season tickets, followed by Penn State and Michigan. Penn State's season tickets are $214 for students, while Michigan's are $200.

Students who attend schools such as Maryland and Northwestern pay for the ticket cost in their tuition, though the specific increase added to cover sports, if any, isn't necessarily made clear.

Some schools, such as Purdue, bundle football and basketball tickets together. Purdue charges $99 for football and basketball season tickets, while most of the other schools in the Big Ten have an additional cost for basketball season tickets.

You can see the full list below.

Check out how the Big Ten compares to other conferences when it comes to student ticket prices:


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