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ACC student football season ticket prices: Who pays the most?

A look at what ACC students have to pay to attend football games.

Fans are counting down the days until college football returns. The players are going through offseason workouts, and fans are buying season tickets. When it comes to students, some don't have to pay for season tickets, while others have to pay hundreds of dollars to see their teams play.

ACC student ticket prices range from Pittsburgh's $25 season package all the way up to Florida State's $240 season package.

In addition to Florida State, Louisville and Boston College student season tickets are also in the $200 range. However, the prices for Louisville and Boston College combine football and basketball season tickets, while most other ACC schools separate football and basketball ticket packages.

The ACC's student ticket prices are unique from the other Power 5 conferences' prices because half of the schools in the ACC include the ticket price in students' tuition. 

You can see the full list below.

Check out how the ACC compares to other conferences when it comes to paying to see football games.

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