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SEC football student-section ticket prices: Who pays the most?

There's a large gap between the most and least expensive student football ticket prices in the SEC.

SEC football is almost back, and fans and students are almost ready to get back to rooting their teams on from the stands. However, in order to get seats in the student section, students from some schools have to pay significantly more than students from other schools.

For example, football season tickets at Texas A&M are $290 for students, while they're only $35 for students at Kentucky.

After Texas A&M, Missouri and Auburn have the next most expensive student tickets in the SEC, with Missouri's season package at $165 and Auburn's at $160.

Texas A&M and Arkansas package student football and basketball tickets together, while the rest of the SEC allows students to purchase football and basketball tickets separately.

Some schools, such as Georgia and Mississippi State, haven't officially announced their student ticket prices for 2016. Other schools, such as South Carolina and Vanderbilt, include ticket prices in students' tuition.

Check out how the SEC compares to other conferences when it comes to student ticket prices:


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