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Houston coach Tom Herman goes off on Baylor rumors

Herman addressed rumors of a possible meeting with Baylor to media at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention Monday.

Houston coach Tom Herman isn't a fan of hearing his name in rumors, especially while he's on vacation. On July 14, Pete Mundo of Heartland College Sports reported that Baylor and Herman had "touched base" and that Herman's agent had been in Waco to talk about the position. The report was later confirmed by Colt Barber of 247 Sports.


The report picked up steam, partly because Mack Rhoades, Baylor's new athletic director, was Houston's AD when they hired Herman in 2014. 

Speaking at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention Monday, Herman ripped those rumors, calling for those who ran with the report to admit their wrongness and to be disciplined. 

"When I do my job poorly or when I make a mistake in my job, there are tangible repercussions of that. It feels like now that our media -- if that's what you want to call some of these guys with a smartphone in their hand and sources -- there are no repercussions. There's no restitution for me," Herman said, according to a story by the Houston Chronicle.

"I have to spend time on vacation away from my family to then draft some statement and squash some rumors," Herman said.

Herman released a short statement when the report first surfaced, but he seemed more frustrated with the reporting than the fact he had to take time to negate the rumor. 

"I just wish there were more repercussions and punishment for those when you get it wrong. Just like my kids, you screw up, you screw up. Say it. 'I screwed up. I apologize. I screwed up,'" Herman told Chron.com.

The rumor comes months after Herman inked a five-year deal with Houston, a deal that holds a reported $5 million bonus if the Cougars join a conference with a television revenue larger than $20 million per school. Herman's base salary of $2.8 million is the highest of the coaches in a group of five conference.

And if recent events are accurate, Herman may be inching closer to that bonus. Houston AD Hunter Yurachek met with Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott in June while on the West Coast. A Pac-12 spokesman said the meeting was at the request of Yurachek. The university is trying to gain interest from Power 5 conferences after its recent football success.


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