Ball State gives walk-on a full scholarship during game show

Ball State played its version of The Price is Right, "The Cardinal is Right." While the players didn't win anything, fifth-year walk-on Kyle Seger received the surprise of a lifetime.

Walk-ons receiving full scholarships late in their careers isn't uncommon, nor are videos of these players being rewarded after years of hard work. But Ball State found a way to be unique when presenting fifth-year senior Kyle Seger with a full-scholarship for his final season. 

Ball State spiced up a team meeting by putting their on spin on "The Price is Right". In "The Cardinal is Right," a player would be called down in front of his teammates to play a game that resembled pictionary. The player stood with his back facing a wall which displayed a word; his teammates would give him clues and the player would try to guess the word.

The first four players had to guess the words "Babe Ruth", "elephant", "unicycle", and "Olympics". But the game changed when Seger was called down to play. Seger faced his teammates while the screen behind him read, "You have earned a full scholarship." 

Before Seger could even turn around, the senior was mobbed by his teammates who exploded with excitement at the news. Seger's teammates lifted him into the air in celebration and his coach praised his worth ethic and character. The video ends with Seger telling his parents the news in a heartwarming moment. When he walked on, Seger told his parents he would do whatever it took to earn a scholarship. 

A red-shirt senior, Seger has played 11 games as a defensive end for the Cardinals. 

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