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Air Force Helmets to Honor World War II Flying Tigers

Custom Air Force helmets feature teeth to tribute World War II "Flying Tiger" Pilots

The battle for college football uniform superiority has always been a popular subject of debate for long-time fans, but it's hard to imagine any school trumping what the Air Force Academy plans to show off in its second home game of the season. The school released its special "Legacy Series Sharktooth" helmets for the Academy's second game on September 10 against Georgia State. The design certainly has Athletic Director Jim Knowlton excited for the upcoming season:

The helmets honor the brave 1941-42 "American Volunteer Group" or the AVG of the Chinese Air Force in World War II, which flew the highly recognizable "Flying Tigers" fighter planes with the mission of defending China against Japanese forces. The AVG was widely successful during its time in China destroying nearly 300 enemy aircraft's. The crew first saw action on December 20, 1941, 12 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Air Force will begin its season on September 3, wearing its usual attire, versus Abilene Christian. 

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