Stuart McNair

8 Things We Learned from MMBQ's Nick Saban profile

Nick Saban doesn't regret turning down NFL head coaching offers.

Get ready for some Nick Saban fun facts, courtesy of the MMBQ's recent interview with the Alabama head coach. 

  • His campus office is decorated in Victorian style, featuring oriental rugs, a leather tufted chair, a presidential desk and velvet red curtains. 
  • The only newspaper he reads is the Tuscaloosa News.
  • He eats Little Debbie pies for breakfast and an iceberg lettuce salad every day for lunch. 
  • His practices are planned months in advance.
  • He's turned down NFL jobs and no longer believes being an NFL head coach is "the No. 1 thing."
  • He's proud of his drug outreach program while he was head coach for the Miami Dolphins and says he believe it helped Ricky Williams. 
  • He says if players didn't get drafted in the first or second round, they "should've stayed in school" and that most prospects' stock "goes down, not up."
  • He believes the linemen downfield rule has forged a stylistic divide between the NFL and college games. "Because what college offenses have done, we call it RPOs [Run Pass Options]," Saban said. "If you're on a running play, and these two guys are on a slant, and the quarterback just pulls the ball and [throws] a slant and the offensive linemen don’t even know if it’s a pass. So it’s impossible to coach defensive players."

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