The Auburn Tigers blew out Arkansas 56-3 on Saturday

The Auburn Tigers ran for a school record 543 yards and added seven rushing touchdowns against Arkansas.

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This looks like a different Auburn Tigers team than the one we saw early in the season in a comedy of quarterback shuffle against Clemson.

In most of head coach Gus Malzahn's successful Auburn offenses, the quarterback has been the focal point of the attack. Early in the 2010 season it was Cam Newton's legs. Later in the season it was his running and throwing that was so dangerous. 

Nick Marshall is an NFL defensive back who was explosive at the quarterback position and could throw just well enough to keep defenses honest.

Auburn doesn't have that dynamic play-maker at the quarterback position in 2016, but what the Tigers do have is arguably a much deeper set of weapons at the skill positions. Once Auburn shifted from trying to make the quarterback the focal point of the offense to making Kamryn Pettway the focal point of the offense, Auburn has been rolling.

Auburn rushed for a school record 543 yards and seven touchdowns against Arkansas on Saturday. The Razorbacks had seen so much of the Pettway sledge-hammer in the middle, that Auburn offensive coordinator schemed a perfect first play on an end-around to Eli Stove while the Razorback defense tried to clog the middle. 

It only got worse from there as Auburn ran over, around and through the Razorback defense.

The first option in an run-option offense is always the belly-dive, fullback right up the middle. If a defense can't stop the dive play, the defense can't stop the option. While Pettway isn't a fullback, the same philosophy holds true. No one has stopped Pettway up the middle, and his running has opened up every other facet of the offensive game plan.

Sean White is a smart, accurate, efficient quarterback who now has time and space to make throws while the defense is crowding the line of scrimmage. He doesn't have to be Newton or Marshall for Auburn to win big, as long as the running game is successful. 

At 543 yards and seven touchdowns, Auburn's running game was more than successful.

Up next for Auburn? An Ole Miss squad who just saw an "out of shape", using his own words, Leonard Fournette rush for an LSU record 284 yards. Leonard Fournette is arguably the best running back in the country, but how many of those Ole Miss defenders are anxious to get in Pettway's way after what Fournette did to them last week (see below).

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