Buena Park linebacker Andrew Wright commits to Fresno State

An official visit finalized Wright's decision to commit to the 'Dogs.

Buena Park (Calif.) outside linebacker Andrew Wright had been close to committing to Fresno State and during his official visit this weekend, he made the decision to commit to the Bulldogs.

“The trip went really good,” Wright said. “I committed (Saturday). I felt really comfortable because they have a great coaching staff. Everyone there, you can tell they are a good family -  the team, the players and the coaches, they are really together. I really felt comfortable with the coaching staff and the players, they showed me a really good time. They are going to support me, not only football-wise, but academically and be there whenever I need them. They won’t be like my dad, but they’ll be like my bigger brothers.”

Other aspects of the trip that stood out to Wright were Fresno State’s plans for Bulldog Stadium and the atmosphere on the campus.

“They are trying to change the program around and make the stadium nicer, upgrading everything,” Wright said. “We got the chance to go to a basketball game. When we were walking next to the crowd, they were really supportive of the coaching staff. You can tell the crowd and the people from the town are really devoted to the team.”

Wright was hosted by safety Stratton Brown. He can also attest that new Campus Point center near Fresno State is a draw for recruits and players.

“It was fun and I got to eat a lot,” Wright said. “At the Mad Duck, I had a bacon avocado burger, that was really good. Campus Point is really nice. It’s right off the Palazzo where the student athletes stay. Right when you step out you’re already there with all the people. It’s really nice.”

Once he is in the program, outside linebackers coach Jordan Peterson plans for Wright to be a joker. Wright is known for his ability to get into the backfield.

“He wants me to be an outside linebacker, the one they call the ‘joker,’” Wright said. “It’s like a stand-down defensive end, who also drops back into coverage. 60 percent of the time I’ll be rushing the passer, the other 40 percent I’ll be dropping into coverage.”

Wright plans to major in criminology and hopes to someday be a detective or FBI agent. Now that he’s committed to the ‘Dogs, he won’t be taking any other visits that he was previously considering.

“Since I’m committed, I’m not really interested in doing any of that,” Wright said.

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