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BREAKING: Fresno St QB Zack Greenlee to transfer

Fresno State QB Zack Greenlee will transfer from Fresno State, sources tell BarkBoard.

If not for Cody Kessler's insane experience at USC, Fresno State quarterback Zack Greenlee would have a landslide claim to the roughest collegiate experience of any local talent in the past couple of seasons. Entering Fresno with perhaps impossible expectations, an unfortunate draw at position coach and a tumultuous couple of offseasons prevented Greenlee and the Red Wave from ever finding out the limit on his potential. He was given several chances, but it was ultimately not to be for the Stockton native and now it would appear his time at Fresno has come to a close. 

Citing playing time and opportunity, sources told BarkBoard that Greenlee would be transferring at the end of the semester. We had originally thought Greenlee would stick around to compete for the job with new offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau, but it would seem that he has made the decision to move on without putting up a fight. It is worth noting that this report comes on the heels of another report BarkBoard was able to confirm earlier today. 

Idaho Press-Tribune's B.J. Rains reported that newly-hired O.C. Eric Kiesau was under consideration for the same position at Boise State. While nothing has been confirmed or refuted at the time of this report, BarkBoard had been told by several sources that there was meat to Rains' report. It seems unlikely that the two are related, but it certainly doesn't help with the timing of both reports. 

Greenlee's time at Fresno was met with mixed reactions, but the severe quarterback attrition and lack of development under former offensive coordinator Dave Schramm became readily apparent as the season went on. Though Greenlee showed flashes of brilliance, as was the case in his showing against Southern Utah, consistency became the name of the game with Greenlee and the injuries mounted while the development never happened. 

Had Greenlee stayed to compete this Spring, there would have been considerable competition from guys like Ford Childress, Kilton Anderson, and Chason Virgil. The Bulldogs are also recruiting several quarterbacks in this cycle and Greenlee had already started to fall down the depth chart, In reality, this is a positive move for both sides and one that was probably a long time coming. 

The future at quarterback looks a little less certain for the Bulldogs. Sources remain adamant that the turnover at Fresno is not quite done and there could be more players leaving, impacting the overall strength of the roster. The Bulldogs also parted ways with accomplished running backs coach Joe Wade, a move that was curious as then as it is now. The immediate impact was felt in recruiting and any more turnover could be disastrous for the 'Dogs as signing day approaches. 

BarkBoard will update you on this story as we learn more. Greenlee deserves a chance in a new setting and he's certainly shown that he wanted to make it work in Fresno before anywhere else. He stuck around through two rough seasons, and even though he had an indicident of his own, he never let that define his season. Young men will make mistakes, but Greenlee remained committed to Fresno and worked tirelessly to become what everyone expected. 

Hopefully the new start gives him a chance to achieve that dream. 

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