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Fresno Takes Interest In 8th Grade Prospect

Eighth grade running back Kendall Milton of Clovis (Calif.) Alta Sierra Intermediate School has received lots of early intrigue from college football coaches and now, one university located 4.8 miles south of his campus is looking at him closely.

Fresno State has now started to get acclimated with the rising Class of 2020 prospect who already holds one scholarship offer from Brigham Young University. Milton said Bulldog assistant coaches Burl Toler, Eric Kesiau and Lorenzo Ward have chatted with him, even inviting Milton to Fresno State’s upcoming June camp on the FS campus.

An offer from the ‘Dogs hasn’t been extended to Milton yet, but the sculpted 6-foot-1, 190-pounder said he likes the possibilities of staying close to home.

It feels really good because I've been playing youth football here in Fresno/Clovis since the first grade,” Milton told Barkboard.com. “And it's kind of cool to think about potentially playing here for the next eight years in front of the Valley. I grew up a Bulldog fan. My family had season tickets and our family and friends are former Bulldog football players, so they've been talking to me about it for a while.”

Milton has established a resume that few middle school kids have: participation at Junior All-American games, early invites to high school showcase camps and getting an offer from an FBS powerhouse.

Milton said former Bulldog assistant Ricky Manning Jr. was the first man from the FS staff to inquire about him. While Manning Jr. has since moved on to the Seattle Seahawks, Fresno State has done its part to stay on Milton.

Coach Toler invited me to the Red and White game. I got a chance to go on the field and meet the coaches. I was surprised that they already knew who I was and have seen my game,” Milton said. “The assistants and even the head coach [Tim DeRuyter] all said they were looking forward to seeing me come to the camp and see me in action.”

The incoming freshman at Buchanan High School in Clovis describes his running back play as “Explosive, energetic, powerful, disciplined, shifty, fast, and a student [of the game].”

His top mentors off the field are his older brother Kalonn and his trainer Travon Jones, who owns T1 Sports Academy in West Fresno and has helped develop current Bulldog running back/slot receiver Dejonte O’Neal.

The older brother, who was last seen suiting up for Fresno City College, has told Milton to “Stay focused on the game, stay humble, stay driven and stay out of trouble.”

On his relationship with Jones, Milton said “He's taught me to stay focused on my goals and not get caught up in the moment. He's also taught me to be a leader in everything I do and teaches me to outwork the hardest worker in the classroom and on the football field.”

Milton currently holds a 3.5 grade point average in the classroom and spends his spare time sharing his religious side to others.

My faith is stronger than my game,” Milton said.

Along with the FS camp, Milton plans to attend the Top 100 camp in Ohio, the USA Developmental Camp and possibly UCLA’s summer camp. 

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