Fresno State QB's: A Red Wave Point of View

Well it's that time of year where everyone seems to pull out their crystal balls and decide the fate of their favorite college football teams. As of late Fresno State has seen its fair share of predictions. I on the other hand have been waiting for all the final pieces to fall into place before making my final decision.

So what can I tell you? Not much as far as how the team will perform once the season begins without a true evaluation once all the players are accounted for and practice begins. There's just way too many variables to account for. From incoming freshmen, to Juco additions, to pretty much a whole new coaching staff. So I’m not able to give you an honest and fair opinion.

But this is what I think. In order for Fresno State to have more success on offense this season, the Bulldogs need to decide on a quarterback early and stick with him. Last season Fresno State hoped that one of the quarterbacks would do enough in fall camp to decide who the starter would be going into the season. Zack Greenlee, who has now left the program, entered fall camp as the leading candidate. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs he never separated himself as the obvious starter. Eventually Chason Virgil was named as starter 3 games in, only to be lost for the season with an injury. Fast forward a year later and the Bulldogs are no better off.

Heading into fall camp, Virgil is the one in the driver's seat, but not guaranteed as the heir apparent. With reports of Virgil adding 15 lbs of muscle, things could be looking better for the young quarterback. With the addition of Eric Kiesau as offensive coordinator, there’s hope that he can help develop the young quarterback. Something that his predecessor, Dave Schramm, was unable to do since the departure of Derek Carr.

Virgil has the tools to become a very good quarterback if he stays healthy and studies the game. Last year Virgil showed flashes of a great quarterback before getting injured. What he lacked was the understanding of certain reads that will come with repetition. That's why it's critical that the Bulldogs pick a starter, be it Virgil, or any of the quarterbacks, and stick with him. Derek Carr is a rare breed that just doesn't happen very often.

What does this mean for Childress, Anderson, or incoming freshman Quinton Davis. The starting job is not by all means decided. The door is still open, but Virgil is in position to close it. Childress and Anderson will be the ones chasing him. Quinton Davis has too much of an uphill battle to close the gap but I feel he has the skills to make his way up to backup position by seasons end.

When this coaching staff arrived they received a welcome gift by the name Derek Carr courtesy of former head coach Pat Hill. Since Derek's departure the coaching staff has struggled to identify a starter before the season opener. Something that Hill did well and rarely second guessed himself. The hope this season is that the addition of Kiesau will help expedite the process allowing the quarterback to settle in and learn the playbook.

So if I had to check my crystal ball for a prediction of whether or not the quarterbacks will play better this year, my answer would be, the future looks cloudy. Check back later. I guess I should have bought the warranty for my crystal ball. 

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