Q & A with Fresno State commit Javon McInnis

Fresno State commit Javon McInnis, a 2017 athlete from Irving (Texas) Ranchview talks with BarkBoard.com about his recruitment and commitment to the Bulldogs.


Q: Thank you for joining us Javon, could you recap your recruitment for us?

A: My recruitment, I am not as highly sought after as some other athletes out there, but I do have a lot of talent and I have a lot of interest from several schools, but with Fresno State I’ve been building relationships with players they currently have coming in and some who have recently committed as well. I just did my homework with Fresno State and it seemed like the perfect fit for me.

I did my homework on (Ward) as well. He seems like a cool guy to play for. He’s coached players that are currently in the NFL. I know he was at South Carolina before Fresno State so I’m sure he has come across a lot of talent and help me succeed at the next level.

I’ve talked to him, but we haven’t gone too in depth yet because they want me to visit. I’m trying to plan a visit at the end of July. I’ll be there to visit pretty soon.

Q: What other schools have you been hearing from?

A: I have an offer from Stephen F Austin. I'm hearing from Kansas, Kansas State, Northwestern State, ULM, North Texas. They have yet to extend me an offer and I am committed now so that wouldn’t make a difference.

Q: What were some of the reasons you committed to the Bulldogs?

A: I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity. It seems like a nice place to be. I’ve never even been to California, so I’m very excited to go see what California has to offer…. And the tradition. They won the Mountain West Championship… in 2012 and 2013. I just want to win. I want to win championships. I felt I could come into Fresno State and make a difference and hopefully soon we’ll be back winning Mountain West Championships.

Q: Who are some of the Fresno State recruits you have talked to?

A: One of the 2016 commits they have, Jaron Bryant, he had informed me that the program is good and why he chose to go to Fresno State. Some of the other commits like Cody Watson, I’ve been talking to those guys. It seems like somewhere I could see myself playing for for four years.

They said they have a great relationship with the recruiting coordinator for the area. They said he seems like a cool guy they could see themselves playing for. On my behalf, Fresno State was my biggest FBS offer. I wanted to go and experience FBS football rather than smaller ball. I’ve been dreaming of playing FBS football since I started playing... I’ve labeled myself as a D-I football, but I always felt I would be on a smaller FBS level - When Fresno State came in, it was picture-perfect.

Q: Tell us about yourself:

A: To get a quick glimpse of who I am as a player, I do everything that I’m asked to do. I do it with 100 percent maximum effort no matter what. I guess that’s why I play so many positions. Wherever Fresno State does decide to put me, just know they are going to get 100 percent maximum effort.

Q: What would you say about your game?

A: I feel like I’m a playmaker. I just make plays wherever I go, whether it be offense, defense or special teams. I feel like I’m explosive, I make explosive plays. I’m not the greatest yet, but I’m a hard worker and I’m a leader on the field.

Q: You play a lot of positions in high school, where are the Bulldogs targeting you for?

A: As of right now, they offered me as a safety, so I’m planning on going in as a DB. At my high school right now, I play pretty much everywhere. Right now, I’m playing free safety and wide receiver. This season I will play quarterback, strong safety and some running back too. They put me in a lot of different positions.

Q: What do you think about playing safety?

A: At safety, it’s just natural to me. I’ve been playing safety since little leagues. My sophomore year I made varsity and played there. I’ve been playing safety pretty much all my life. It’s natural for me and that’s where I train at. I have fun playing safety. On the next level, I feel I could be a playmaker and change the game hopefully.

Q: Some of Fresno State’s recent successful safeties were also quarterbacks in high school. Does that give you an advantage at safety?

A: Definitely, playing quarterback, you learn how to read the defense. Once you go over to the defensive side of the ball, you can kind of read the quarterback’s mind per se. You know the strengths and the weaknesses of the defense, so you know the opposing quarterback would know the same things you know.

Q: Academically, do you know what major you will be going into at Fresno State?

A: Physical education. Once I get out of college, I want to go into coaching or teaching. I want to do education and physical education.


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