Fresno State Quarterback Club feeds the team

The Fresno State QBC provides a barbecue meal for the team after Saturday's scrimmage.

You may have seen the Fresno State Bulldogs take the field on Saturday, but you probably didn’t see much of them after the scrimmage. That’s because they were headed back to the locker room where a feast was awaiting them.

The Fresno State quarterback club hosts occasional Team Feeds, providing a nutrition-packed meal after a big scrimmage like the one on Saturday.

“The team feed is one of the activities that the Fresno State Quarterback Club does in order to help enhance the football players’ nutrition,” said Alan Cade, QBC Vice President. “We provide an occasional meal to the team and we have the Dos Palos Lions Club that volunteers their time. They do the barbecuing and bring the food. It’s in conjunction with our club to feed the team and hopefully help their improvement on the field as well as academically.

“Today we had tri-tip,chicken, baked potatoes, beans, salad and the Dos Palos Lions Club’s favorite garlic french bread. The players walking in when they saw us setting up, they had smiles on their face. They always look forward to this event."

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“For us, it’s a great opportunity to give back to the university and just help these young men and let them know that they're being supported,” Cade added. “We as a booster club just want them to know that we’re here to support them in all their endeavors.”

The barbecue lunch was warmly welcomed following the Bulldogs’ exhausting 107-play scrimmage. The QBC has hosted the feed in partnership with the Dos Palos Lions Clubs for about five years and provide about three team feeds per year, Cade said.

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