Robbie Rouse recalls experience at Nebraska in 2011

Fresno State's all-time leading rusher tells about his experience playing at Nebraska in 2011.

The Fresno State Bulldogs last traveled to Nebraska in 2011, then the team's second game of the season. The Bulldogs went toe-to-toe with the No. 10 Cornhuskers, leading 17-14 at halftime and eventually falling 42-29. The Bulldogs' efforts were led by Robbie Rouse's 36 carries for 169 yards.
"Nebraska, you know everybody knows about Nebraska’s defense - the Blackshirts," Rouse said. "Daimion Stafford [of Nebraska, now in the NFL] right, I met Daimion because he came out in my year. When we were playing him, he had a hit on the sideline on somebody where he ‘murdered’ him. So seeing that, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ Then they had a beast defensive lineman Jared Crick. They tried to hype him up and compare him to Ndamakong Suh. But you see he’s big and he’s fast and he moves well."

"But we had great coaches and we broke them down," Rouse continued. "We had a great game plan versus Nebraska. That’s one of the games that to this day it makes me sick to my stomach. Because we should have left out of there with a win. We just couldn’t finish, we got to the goal line too many times and kicked field goals. Derron Smith got a pick one time and he didn’t see somebody and they hit him and that ended up hurting his shoulder and he was out for the season too. That was another that hurt us. The only thing about my junior year, we had a bad record, but we didn’t lay down for nobody. Nobody blew us out besides Boise. We played football against some great teams, but man, that was a tough loss."

"I remember coming out at Nebraska like ‘Man, there is red everywhere! Oh my gosh!’ That was one of the best stadiums I’ve played at."

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