AUDIO: Nikko Motta Talks Sanger & Bulldog Football

Now that Football season is in full swing at both the High School and College level, the barkboard caught up with assistant coach and former bulldog Nikko Motta to not only get his thoughts on last night’s game his team the Sanger Apaches had against Clovis East, but to also get his thoughts on his Alma Mater the Fresno State Bulldogs.

Not too long ago, Nikko Motta suited up and hit the football field in Bulldog Stadium. These days he helps coach the defense at his old high school in Sanger CA. As I headed out to cover this game, I was expecting to just watch another High School Football game. What I found was a well coached defense with a sophisticated defensive scheme. The coaching staff in Sanger has done a remarkable job getting these kids ready and Nikko Motta is well loved and respected with his football players.

The Sanger Apaches were able to shut down their opponent Clovis East heading into halftime by a score of 41 - 0. Sanger was playing well on offense, but even better on defense. I was not only was I able to catch up to several players after the game, but I was able to catch up to Nikko Motta who was not only happy with his players but very proud of him. I was able to get his thoughts on his team's win and his thoughts on Fresno State.

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