Fresno State Showing Interest In St. Bonaventure Running Back

Three star St. Bonaventure running back Chuck Wick is turning heads this season and Fresno State is among them. The Barkboard's Lorenzo Reyna caught up with him to check on his recruitment.

In his spare time, Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure running back Chuck Wick likes to fire up his Facetime app on his smart phone and chat with his top football mentor plus No. 1 college football connection: Wyoming running back and older brother Shaun.

The Class of 2018 prospect makes sure that he picks his brother’s brain before he puts on the Seraph uniform and runs amok on defenses, just like he did on Sept. 9 against Santa Maria (Calif.) St. Joseph to the tune of 43 carries, a season-high 197 yards and two touchdowns in the 24-14 victory against a tenacious Knights team at Jay Williams Stadium.

“We Facetime a lot,” Wick said. “My brother motivates me every day. He tells me how to run against different defenses and I just thank him every time.”

Whatever motivation that streams through the speaker and phone screen from his older sibling has worked for the younger Wick. As a sophomore on varsity last season, Wick relied more on speed and elusiveness to take the oxygen away from defenses. But through the first three games, Wick has learned to trust and utilize his pad level, be patient with his blocks and lastly, show some grit and determination in his runs…by obliterating arm tackles and keeping his feet chopping after contact.

Three Mountain West programs and one Pac-12 school has started to notice a new and enhanced Wick. Coaches at Shaun’s school Wyoming, San Diego State, Fresno State, and Washington have closely observed the rising junior, Wick said.

Wick himself admitted to Scout that he’s grown up as a running back.

“Last year, I was not mature. Now, I feel like I’ve gained my maturity up,” Wick said. “I feel like a leader. I just want to get a ring and help my team get a victory.

“(I’m Mature) just in terms of my decision making in running,” Wick continued. “Last year, I was too focused on the big things. I was too focused on the game itself and the whole stadium. I was too young for that. I think I’m stepping up now in my junior year. I’m doing a lot better this year.”

Wick showed his leader-by-example side against a Knights team that entered their home turf with the word “upset” embedded in their minds, plus seeking to end a 10-year drought of beating Ventura County schools. It was Wick who put the 49-man Seraphs on his back and carried the load the rest of the way, powering through like a Powerade commercial and carrying his team with will and desire flowing through his veins. Wick’s running helped get the Seraphs to break the 14-14 tie by setting up the last 10 points.

Wick didn’t want the game ball, though. He gave credit to where he felt credit was due.

“Everyone played their hearts out. Everyone never gave up,” Wick said. “The blocking was unbelievable. I have to give a shout out to my offensive line. I couldn’t do anything without them. Also got to give a shout out to our receivers because they helped me out with their run blocks.”

Wick saw his older brother’s recruiting period pick up late after a stellar career in the Seraph green and gold. Wick hasn’t received his first official scholarship, but he already knows what approach to take, especially after having had plenty of football related conversations with his Cowboy bro.

“I just want to focus on doing my stuff on the field and recruiting after,” Wick said. “Time will tell. I’m praying that I get one (a scholarship). If I get one, I get one but I’m going to work even harder. And if I don’t get one, I’m going to work 10 times harder to get one.”

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