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Barkboard Staff Tulsa Game Predictions

Three games into in the season the Barkboard staff has shared their thoughts and predictions thus far and this week is no exception. The boys are back to share their latest on what to expect.

Last week’s winner was Lorenzo Reyna but none of the guys figured that the Bulldogs would lose in the fashion that they did. So the boy’s are back and have had time to asses the situation heading into the home game against Tulsa.

LUCIO OURIQUE @redwavereport

Last week the Bulldogs were manhandled in all aspects of the game. There was really nothing that the Bulldogs could hang their hat on. Can Fresno State get things right or will it be more of the same. After what we have seen in the first three games I expect the latter and so do most of the Red Wave. So much so that the tickets are being given out either for free or at discounted rate at a record pace.

The Bulldogs have been experimenting with different combinations on the offensive line in an effort to find the right combination to help with a struggling offense. In this game the experiment yields mixed results as the Bulldogs continue to struggle offensively. The defense keeps the dogs in the game long enough for the appearance of Zach Kline. He’s able to make a spark in the offense but it’s too little too late as the Dogs still lose.



It may be early in the season and it might appear that Fresno State can still save its football season with a 1-2 record…But folks, this game against Tulsa is, in my eyes, a make-or-break game for the Bulldogs.

There is already subscriber unrest on the fan boards, as Bulldog fans have already started envisioning who will take over for Tim DeRuyter at head coach. Some fans have even gone to Facebook to sell their game day tickets. Lastly, with 90 degree weather imminent for this afternoon game, country music icon Garth Brooks throwing a concert a couple of blocks away, plus a Bulldog team that has struggled in three games, the probability for a sold out crowd is extremely low.

On the field, the Bulldog offense once again has a huge test. The Golden Hurricane defense is an opportunistic one; one that has forced six turnovers and have scored twice off of those takeaways this season. A big reason for Tulsa’s takeaway prowess is the pass rush, which has seven sacks in three games.

Count on an inconsistent offensive line and an equally inconsistent quarterback in Chason Virgil to get tested by the Golden Hurricane pass rush. If Tulsa forces turnovers early, this game could get more uglier than a “Walking Dead” zombie.



Out of fall camp Fresno State showed an impressive defense with an offense that was a work-in-process. The outcome of the first two games was a foregone conclusion, but peer group opponents like Toledo and Tulsa weren’t expected to be juggernauts. However, they may actually be two of the best offenses that the Bulldogs face all year. The team unraveled at Toledo and the way the Fresno State and Tulsa match up puts the Bulldogs in a big risk of unraveling again.

The 2015 Tulsa team was one that was known for scoring a lot of points, but also giving up a lot of points as well. They have another powerful spread offense this year with what appears to be an improved offense. The Golden Hurricane can pack a punch, but can the Bulldogs punch back? Fresno State has not created much offense at all this year. The ‘Dogs have created 20 total first-half points over the first three weeks, 10 of which came versus Sacramento State.


Fresno State Head Coach Tim DeRuyter set the tone on Monday that there is a sense of urgency, the team needs to be more physical and they needed to develop quickly this week to compete with Tulsa. Expect the ‘Dogs come out playing hard early - it won’t nearly be enough to overcome a 15-point betting line however.

After a slow start, Tulsa hits on a few long plays and starts to break the game open. The Bulldogs’ offense continues to sputter, and unless the defense or special teams creates a score, the Golden Hurricane take control. Look for Fresno State to try some new sets and new personnel to spark the offense on Saturday, but remain stagnant.

One aspect working in the Bulldogs’ favor is that Tulsa is prone to give up sacks and veteran quarterback Dane Evans is susceptible to throwing picks. Watch for defensive end Nate Madsen to get two sacks and for the pressure to create an interceptions - James Bailey as the pick to be the interceptor this week. Despite these opportunities, the Bulldogs’ lack of offense begins to show itself over 60 minutes. The majority of the team’s points may come in garbage time.


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