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Barkboard Staff UNLV Game Predictions

Four games into in the season the Barkboard staff has shared their thoughts and predictions thus far and this week is no exception. The boys are back to share their latest on what to expect.

Last week’s winner was Lucio Ourique but none of the guys figured that the Bulldogs would lose in the fashion that they did. So the boy’s are back and have had time to asses the situation heading into the home game against Tulsa.


LUCIO OURIQUE @redwavereport

The Bulldogs are looking to regroup after squandering a 31 point lead at home to a very good Tulsa team. Fresno State played decent for the first quarter and a half of last weeks matchup but ultimately reverted back to their old ways.

Seems like the experiment with the offensive line had some success but still needs some work. Virgil made some progress but has a ways to go and the receivers went back to dropping passes. The run game took another big hit with the loss of O’Neal and the defense was gassed again.

This week looks to be an easier matchup for the Bulldogs but not a gimmie. UNLV have had their own struggles but have been looking forward to this matchup against the Bulldogs for a year. However with the loss of their starting quarterback proves to be to much for the Rebels.



How does Fresno State football recover from a debacle so big, that the Bulldogs wound up in Tulsa's record book for the largest comeback in Golden Hurricane football history?

It's going to be hard to scale this latest obstacle especially after losing a 31-point lead last week, even against a UNLV team with an identical record and a new quarterback taking the field in Dalton Sneed this Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium.

The good news for Fresno State? Two things:

1) UNLV continues to be a work in progress under second-year head coach Tony Sanchez, who is dealing with a lot of young players on his roster.

2) The Rebels allow a lot of points on defense, including the 33 they relinquished to a hapless Idaho squad last week.

But the bad news? Fresno State's defense is just as guilty of surrendering a lot of points, proven by the combined 100 points the 'Dogs have given up in the back-to-back losses to Toledo and Tulsa. Additionally, Tulsa had its most success through the ground game last week with 344 rushing yards. Guess what the strength of the UNLV offense is? The ground game, with an average of 250.2 yards per game.

It's looking like another shootout is imminent.



Both Fresno State and UNLV come into the conference opener 1-3, but it is a very different attitude coming from the two teams. UNLV is searching for answers while the Bulldogs believe they have the answers, if they can apply them for a consistent 60 minutes.

It does not get any easier for UNLV with quarterback Johnny Stanton out for Saturday’s game. Replacement Dalton Sneed comes in with only one career passing attempt. This could be a recipe to repeat the Bulldogs’ 2014 showing versus San Diego State. The Aztecs were forced to start Nick Bawden who completed only nine passes and was later moved to fullback. In fact, Jamal Ellis intercepted a pass in that game, watch for him or Tyquwan Glass to pick off Sneed on Saturday.

I expect Fresno State to come out of the game with a win based on the circumstances, but this matchup could be swung either way by big plays. If the Rebels create turnovers or score on long plays then the Bulldogs could find themselves scrambling in the final minutes, but otherwise they should come away with the win.

There’s no way the Bulldogs repeat their 31-point explosion to start Saturday’s game, but Fresno State gains control in the first half. Chason Virgil takes another step forward and the defense has one of its better showings of the year, but UNLV keeps it interesting until the final minutes.


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