Audio: Local O-Lineman Holds Mountain West Offer

Sanger High’s offensive lineman Nick Steele holds an offer from the University of New Mexico and is being shown interest from other Mountain West Schools including Fresno State.

Standing tall at 6-foot-3 275-lbs Nick Steele is a force to be reckoned with on Sanger High’s offensive line and universities are taking notice. On August 31,2016 Steele received his first Division I scholarship offer to the University of New Mexico and is gaining interest from other Mountain West Schools. Such as San Diego State, San Jose State, Colorado State, Utah State, and Fresno State.

When it comes to local offensive lineman, Nick Steele is one of the best in the area. I recently got a chance to watch Steele in action and he certainly did not disappoint.

When watching Steele one thing is very apparent. He’s got the skills and the mean streak to play at the next level. Once he locks on to the defensive player that he faces, they very rarely get away. With his size, strength, and agility Steele more times than not completely removes the opposing player from making a play.

Steele show’s great knowledge and awareness on make the proper blocks and reads making him a smart coach-able player at the next level. Once he sets himself to make a block he gets under the player and drives him back with his powerful leg strength.

Steele told the Barkboard that even after receiving his first offer that he’s keeping his options open, which hopefully means hearing more from Fresno State. Steele mentions that he had talked to the Bulldogs early on but that it’s been radio silence ever since.

Final thoughts. Given the state the offensive line play and depth on the Fresno State O-line, one could be asking the question why aren’t the Bulldogs recruiting Steele harder. The Bulldogs currently hold 12 commitments and only one of those is at the offensive lineman position. Fresno State has been openly criticized by fans for not recruiting local talent harder and Steele is another one of those that just might slip away.   

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