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Eric Kiesau lays out his three-point plan for Fresno State's last weeks of the season

For a program that has had only three head coaches in the last 36 years, it was a surreal moment to have Eric Kiesau take the podium as the school's interim head coach on Monday. See what Kiesau's plan is for the Bulldogs in the next five weeks.

Eric Kiesau did not reveal any sweeping changes or any major personnel adjustments in his press conference on Monday, but what he did reveal was a restructured attitude from the top down. Kiesau told the media of the three bullet points he made to the team, which he says are already reflecting in practice. Here was his three-point message:

1) Relentless Effort

"The number one thing was relentless effort," Kiesau said. "Not good effort, not great effort - relentless. Out of your mind like a freight train going 100 miles an hour. Relentless effort - people can see that sitting in the stands, people can see that on TV. They can watch you and know what you’re all about just by how you play the game."


2) Discipline

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"The second thing was discipline," Kiesau explained. "I think that’s one thing throughout the entire organization that we really need to clean up here in the next five weeks is discipline… Discipline is doing what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it, how you’re supposed to do it, when it’s supposed to be done, every day. That’s really important, and that’s in the classroom, on the football field, out in the community, wherever you are."

3) Setting a high standard

"The last thing is you have to hold them to that standard," Kiesau said. "You have to set a high standard, make them expect that standard. It all ties back into discipline and great effort. Those are the three bullet points we’re going with and what we’re striving for in the next five weeks."
- The bridge between the DeRuyter era and the era of the next head coach begins this week when the Bulldogs host Air Force on Friday. Curiosity has been sparked to see if the team takes the field with a new attitude set by Kiesau, or continues to spiral in the last weeks of the 2016 season. 

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