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Barkboard Staff Air Force Game Predictions

Eight games into in the season the Barkboard staff has shared their thoughts and predictions thus far and this week is no exception. The boys are back to share their latest on what to expect.

So the boy’s are back and have had time to asses the situation heading into the away game against Utah State.

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Fresno State comes out fired up after the dismissal of Tim DeRuyter. Eric Kiesau rallies the team to buy in to the changes. The defense plays with purpose and the offense finally puts a good game plan together and executes at a whole level that we haven’t seen all season.

The Bulldogs jump out to an early lead and never look back.



You know what's more sadder about this Friday's home tilt against Air Force? I've got a feeling that there will be more people who attend this game because they waited on Tim DeRuyter to be fired. When a fan base waits for the coach to get pink slipped just to finally show up to a game, that's when you know how bad it's gotten. Now it'll be fun to see if the fans actually stay the whole time, or leave in the third quarter even if the Bulldogs are ahead.

But on the bright side, I'm anticipating a more emotionally charged-up football team on the FS sideline. You can be assured that there will be some players who will be playing for DeRuyter or be relieved that a change was made. While it may not show on the scoreboard, I honestly think you'll see a rejuvenated team on the FS sidelines. Air Force's triple option, though, will still give this defense plenty of fits.



Nearly a year ago to the date, Air Force ran the football 79 times at a tune of 5.8 yards per carry against the ‘Dogs. Fresno State gave up six plays of 20 yards or more, carrying on a common theme in the DeRuyter era that has been somewhat addressed in this 1-7 season.

Though the Bulldogs have consistently given up a lot of points, they have done a better job in limiting the big plays - particularly against the run. Expect Fresno State’s defense to be more sound than in recent years against option offenses by bending, but not breaking.

Fresno State’s offense had 311 yards in that same contest last season - 249 of those yards can be attributed to players who are not even on this year’s team, or at least the active roster. It’s no wonder why the offense is struggling, but the new crop of players this season have not shown much sign of progress through eight games.

Interim Head Coach Eric Kiesau is attempting to implement in all-in attitude that has been missing from the team this year. While a mentality change will give the ‘Dogs a bump this week, expect the ongoing factors of the defense and offense to ring true.

Fresno State’s defense comes out strong, but begins to fall off and tire as the offense fails to take advantage of the opportunities they are given. The only way the Bulldogs make this one interesting is if they come up with one or two home-run plays on offense or takeaways on defense early on.


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