2018 Hueneme RB Alex Tili Turning Heads

Despite missing out on the postseason, Class of 2018 running back Alex Tili put the Hueneme Vikings on his back and helped change the culture of this once laughingstock program.

Past Viking teams not only would finish 1-9 or 0-10, but as head coach Lui Toilolo told me, previous players would wait for the running clock to start, just so the game will end quick and they can go home. Tili, though, was one of a handful of Vikings who brought big plays and new energy to the program.


But while Tili helped carry his team on his back, is his play enough to carry on to the college level? Here’s a breakdown:


The 6-foot, 192-pound Tili looks more like a wide receiver with his frame, and runs as if he’s an explosive slot wideout. He has an excellent set of eyes that spots an open hole immediately, then turns on the jets. His cutback ability is his biggest strength right now, as Tili does an excellent job of planting and sprinting. He shows solid balance with maintaining his feet and posture after a defender tries to grapple and wrestle him to the ground. While he looks like a one-cut back, he has plowed through arm tackles. I didn’t see much of a stiff arm from him, so that will be a trait he can develop moving forward. Right now, he relies more on cuts and speed.



Tili has only heard from Northern Arizona, although former USC wide receiver and ex-Hueneme standout Keary Colbert has spent some time with him. Tili has proven his worth with a 1,278-yard, 13 touchdown campaign during his junior season. He looks like current Fresno State running back Deonte Perry.

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