2018 St. Bonaventure O-Lineman Dominating The Trenches

2018 St.Bonaventure O-Lineman could be the next big man in the trenches. The Barkboard's Lorenzo Reyna takes a closer look at the young o-lineman.

Ventura, Calif., St. Bonaventure had plenty of visitors who were asking about the Seraphs’ big, monstrous offensive tackle Casey Roddick. Now, offensive line coaches and recruiting coordinators could be swinging by Telegraph Rd. for another trench dominator on the Bonnie line: Tyler Ostrom.


While Roddick commanded a lot of attention from collegiate coaches, Ostrom quietly put together an equally dominant junior campaign for the 6-5 Seraphs.

Is it enough to get Ostrom on the radar for Power Five and mid-major programs moving forward? Here’s a breakdown.


Ostrom is much smaller than his line comrade Roddick, who stood at 6-foot-4, 342-pounds while Ostrom measured at 6-foot-3, 260-pounds. Ostrom, though, came equipped with the same mean streak and physical force that Roddick brought to the line. Ostrom’s upper body is a strength, as he’s seen throwing defensive linemen to the ground or driving them back to the linebackers. He has a knack for getting his hands in between a defender’s number and controls his blocks. He’s sometimes won his blocking battle with just one pop, which was powerful enough to knock someone to the turf. He doesn’t have the quickest feet during pass protection and sometimes gets caught with relying on brute force than technique. He also needs to be more consistent with his pad level, as he sometimes was caught standing up during his blocks. With his current frame, he may move inside to guard in college.


Since the Bulldogs have more than likely lost out on Roddick, Ostrom is the next best option to go after for the Class of 2018. As of now, Ostrom has had brief interactions with coaches at Colorado and UCLA. He’s helping spearhead the 2018 movement at Bonnie with quarterback Mason Quandt and Chuck Wick.

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