AUDIO: 2019 QB One Of The Best In The Valley

Tulare Union has produced many division I talented prospects and QB Nathan Lamb could be the next. The Barkboard’s Lucio Ourique caught up with Lamb after the Bell Game victory over Tulare Western.

Tulare Union has produced some talented QB’s over the years and Nathan Lamb is on pace to becoming one of the best that the that the school has produced. As a sophomore Lamb has thrown for 2,676 yards and 25 touchdowns with only 6 interceptions. Ranking him third in the Central Section behind Jeremiah Galaviz of Farmersville and Braden Wingle of Bakersfield Christian.

Lamb is one of the reasons that the Tulare Union Tribe is 9-1 heading into the playoff game at home against Sunnyside of Fresno. Even with all of his success Lamb is quick to praise his teammates and offensive lineman for giving him the opportunity to make plays. One of the reasons that Lamb is well liked among his teammates. Tulare Union is loaded with talent and Lamb is poised to lead his team deep into the playoffs and even challenge for a division II Valley Title.


As a sophomore QB Nathan Lamb shows the poise and awareness of a sr. quarterback. Lamb has a strong arm and accuracy for the deep pass. He can also throw the swing passes to the outside ease. He’s mobile when needed but is more comfortable in the pocket making him the ideal pocket passer. The one negative that I would say would be his size. He has decent height at 6-foot-2 but only weighs 165-lbs. Over the next couple of years Lamb will have to put in time in the weight room to put on some muscle to withstand the punishment of being a collegiate quarterback.


It’s no secret that the Bulldogs have struggled at the quarterback position since Derek Carr left for the NFL three years ago. With Tedford due to take over there’s no word yet on the type of offense or the type of quarterback he’ll be looking for. Lamb is one of those quarterbacks that can be molded into any system. After the failed experiments of trying to bring in graduate transfers to fill the voids the Bulldogs may try to stockpile at the quarterback position. Lamb is young and is still looking for his first offer or interest. The Bulldogs could help themselves by being one of the first to make contact.  

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