VIDEO: Sanger's ATH Jalen Cropper On Fresno States Radar

The Sanger Apache's sophomore ATH Jalen Cropper has been impressive all season. The Barkboard's Lucio Ourique caught up with him last week to talk football and recruitment.

High school football is coming to a close and senior football careers are coming to an end. But for one Sanger High football player Jalen Cropper it’s just the beginning of a very promising one. Last week at a home playoff game between the Sanger High Apaches and the Dinuba Emperors one thing was very clear, Cropper was the most explosive and dynamic player on the field. Everyone in the stadium knew that anytime Cropper had the ball in his hands that anything could happen. Usually it resulted in a score or a big chunk of yards.

The most impressive thing of it all is that Cropper is doing it all as a sophomore. That’s right, he still has two more impressive years to play and turn some heads graduating in 2019. Cropper is looking for an opportunity to play at the collegiate level but as a sophomore has yet to gain any interest. That is until last week when Fresno State was in attendance and came away very interested in Cropper.


Cropper is a very explosive and dynamic player being placed at just about any position on the field. Thus being tagged as an Athlete. At times you can find him on offense at quarterback, running back, or wide receiver. On defense he can play at cornerback, free safety and can also be found on special teams returning kicks and covering them.

Offensively, Cropper has all the skills anyone could ask for. He has great vision and a feel for the game allowing him to make moves on defenders that Reggie Bush would be proud of. He has great agility and at times can be deceptively fast pulling away from defenders. Defensively, Cropper is just as impressive locking down receivers and at time delivering a crushing blow. The one part about Cropper’s play that could really make him a hot commodity and push him over the top could be his ability to return kicks on both kickoffs and punts. Something that every school at the college level loves to have.

Final Thoughts: If Cropper continues to progress in learning the game and is able to maintain a very good GPA he should be a player that’ll be talked about heavily in the next couple of seasons.


Fresno State is one of the first schools to express interest in Jalen Cropper and for good reason. He could easily develop as on of the top players in the valley. Now that Bulldogs have changed direction and are more interested in recruiting the valley Cropper is more than likely going to be on the future list of prospects. He fast, shifty, and dangerous with the ball. Probably one of the best comparisons to a former Bulldog we can make would be a reincarnation of Bernard Berrian. A dangerous player every time he touched the ball and an explosive kick returner. Something the Bulldogs have been lacking the last few seasons. 

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