2018 WR Stroud Helps Selma Win Valley Title

2018 Selma WR Tiveon Stroud is one of the reasons for the Selma Bears success this season. The Barkboard's Lucio Ourique caught up with the young receiver to take a closer look.

This past friday section titles were on the line across the valley. None seemed to be more special to any team than Selma’s win over Chowchilla ending a 36 year drought since the last time the school won a section title. One of the big reasons for the Selma Bears success is the play of the bears star receiver Tiveon Stroud.


Standing tall at 6-foot-6 stroud was definitely a man among boys on the football field and one of the Valley’s best kept secrets. Stroud is Jr looking to make his mark and draw some interest in recruiting. At the moment not one university has made contact with the Jr Wide Receiver. However the secret is out now that the bears have advanced to the State playoffs and Stroud could very well get his name out in a hurry.


At 6-foot-6 stroud has the height advantage in high school and in most cases in college football. With his height Stroud plays both football and basketball but told me that football is his main focus in playing at the next level. His height is a definite advantage moving forward which allows him to catch passes at its highest point over defenders. He’s got good hands allowing him to make catches look easy. He’s has decent speed and with great agility allowing him to break tackles and avoid defenders on a regular basis.

There are a couple of thing Stroud could work on. One would be his route running ability. At times his routes aren’t as sharp as they could be and is at times is redirected by defenders placing him out of position to make a play. There were several times that Stroud seemed to give up on plays that weren’t directed his way. As long as Stroud is able to direct his attention the next upcoming season to adjust his play and is able to maintain his grade point average there’s no reason schools shouldn’t take an interest in the rising star wide receiver.


While Stroud has gone relatively under the radar as far as recruiting as a junior wide receiver there’s no reason reason why the Bulldogs shouldn’t take a look into the young receiver. Because Stroud is  6-foot-6 and has an ability to break tackles and make plays receiving and on special teams should be reason enough for the Bulldogs to take a look. No one is really sure which direction the coaching staff will be looking but one can say they should be looking in Selma, Ca just south of Fresno.      

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