Q&A with Fresno State quarterback commit Jorge Reyna

BarkBoard.com broke the news of West La College quarterback Jorge Reyna's commitment to Fresno State - Now we take an in-depth look at who he is and why he committed to the Bulldogs. The three-star quarterback threw for 3,646 yards on 70.6 percent completions while tossing 39 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions this season. He plans to sign with the 'Dogs this month and join the team in the spring with three years to play two seasons.

Q: What sold you on Fresno State?

A: I just love Coach Tedford’s philosophy, why he’s at Fresno State, the hopes and commitment we will have, me and him, to build the program and the community. Especially for me, coming as a Hispanic, being at Fresno State, representing hopefully the Hispanic community and showing everybody the blue collar mentality and work ethic that this community has. I’m really happy.

It feels great [to commit]. Especially Coach Tedford and the location of Fresno State where I have family. It’s an amazing feeling.

Q: How did your recruitment develop with Fresno State? Coach Tedford has only been here for a few weeks now.


A: I got the confirmation of the offer from Coach Tedford at the [SJSU] game. My family and I went up there to take an unofficial while we were visiting family. He confirmed they are presenting an offer. I was very stoked. I had to maintain my composure and play the poker face as some people would say, but I was really happy. My family, my parents, they were relieved. They were wondering my thoughts and what was the best outcome.

The main thing he sold is he believes a whole lot more than just football, that he wants a well-rounded person that is a great example for the community and mainly academics. You have to have the academics and you have to work hard for it. That’s something I love and I would love to endure the challenge.

On the car ride back home I talked with the family and then I contacted Coach Tedford on Sunday morning… I let him know I was going to commit.

Q: And what was his reaction?

A: He was like, “Oh! Alright then!” He was happy, he was like, “Okay, thank you!” He was probably expecting a later response. But no, I love Fresno State, I love the community, I love what they’re doing, I love the strength of schedule they are having this upcoming year. I just love everything that is going on and what they have for me and my family and my academics. It’s a perfect storm.

...I was actually going to wait a bit and see what other offers I was going to rack up, but I just love Coach Tedford’s philosophy

Q: What other schools were you hearing from?

A: I have a lot of D-II schools. I was gaining interest from Division I as their seasons were winding down and they started understanding what they needed… Virginia, UCF, Old Dominion.

Q: How would you describe yourself?

I’m a guy that just loves to win, compete and prepare. My biggest strength is preparation and hard work. My preparation is, I’m biased here, the best. I will prepare the hardest. I will not go into a situation not knowing each scenario that could happen.

Q: What is your football background to this point?


A: Throughout my years at Downey I was getting recruited and getting interest from San Jose State and Arizona. I ended up transferring to Pasadena. There, I basically fell off the edge of the recruiting world where no one seemed to know who I was. Then I got in contact with West LA - their quarterback at the time was Dallas Lopez who was a mentor of mine at Downey. He informed me of what they were doing, how their system was ran and he had confidence and belief in me in surpassing his stats at West LA.

I’ve played in the pro formation, the spread. I’m comfortable with both. I’m an all-around quarterback.

Q: Would you compare your game to anyone?

A: I actually idolize Mark Sanchez because of his term at USC. He was a local guy, grew up in Pico Rivera, then he moved out to Orange County… He did great things. He was actually one of my favorite quarterbacks - even to this time even though he had a butt fumble. He’s one of my favorite quarterbacks I idolize and look up to. Another one I look up to is a Fresno State alumni - Mr. Derek Carr.

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Q: Now that you’ve seen Fresno State in person, what are your thoughts? What does the future hold for you as a Bulldog?

A: I love the community, the crowd. I love how the fans are in it, even when it’s raining. Seeing that, I was like, ‘Oh yeah.’ The environment alone, I just can’t wait to be a part of it and bring it back, hopefully compete, win the job and do what is asked from Coach Tedford and the rest of the staff, and gain the trust of my soon-to-be teammates. Hopefully we can rebuild, what I say, the quarterback factory of Fresno State.

[Tedford] wants to win and compete - that’s his big philosophy. Of course the quarterback position is going to be open, he said, ‘You’re going to have an opportunity.’ We will be a competitive team.

I’m just excited, and Go Dogs!

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