2017 Selma LB Looking For Opportunity

The Barkboard's Lucio Ourique takes a closer look at the Selma Bear's star MLB / RB Jordan Dominguez

Just last week the Selma Bears ended a 36 year drought of winning a section title. Game in and game out the defense held together to allow the Bears to complete an undefeated season. The heart and sole of the defense starts with one player Jordan Dominguez.


Dominguez is unquestionably the leader of the defense. More times than not you can usually find him right in the middle of the action. Throughout the season Dominguez has made 77 tackles, 49 of which were solo. But it doesn’t end there. Like most talented players, Dominguez also helps out his team on offense as a running back which he plays quite well.

At running back he finished the season with 1,252 yards rushing and 22 touchdowns. Even with the success he’s had this season, Dominguez has only drawn interest from Sacramento State but he would like an opportunity to play college ball if given the chance.


On defense Dominguez has a nose for the ball. He shows great technique by squaring his shoulders to ball carrier allowing him to make a clean tackle. He shows great agility and awareness while in pursuit to the ball. At running back Dominguez is just as impressive. At 6-foot 215 lbs Dominguez can prove to be quite a load to bring down when he squares up his shoulders to the defenders. He shoulds great balance and vision to find the hole and hit it hard. Once in the redzone Dominguez shows a great nose for the endzone.

Fresno State Impact:

With Coach Tedford handing out offers left and right and a recruiting class quickly filling up any hope of Dominguez landing an offer from the bulldogs is quickly fading. Dominguez in not losing hope that someone will present him with an offer. If not he has no problem going the Juco route to improve his chances of landing an offer. With that kind heart and determination anything can happen.  

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