Tedford breaks down all of Fresno State's 23 signees in the 2017 class

Tedford gave his analysis on all 23 of Fresno State's signees on National Signing Day. Watch his comments in the video above or read the transcription below:



"A junior college quarterback that brings in a lot of experience, athleticism and arm strength. I felt like we needed some experience at quarterback and through my study with tape I felt like he brings a lot to the table. A very competitive young man, he’s on campus right now working out, he’s doing a great job."



"Explosive player ... I’m sure in the next couple days you’ll be able to see all these guys highlights ... he does it all, he’s a physical guy, [he’s listed] 5-11, 180 lbs., I think he’s closer to 190-195."


"Very elusive back. He catches the ball really well, has great lateral movement, a very tough guy that runs hard for a guy not big on stature, he really runs with his pads low and he can be physical."


"Two really great receivers [in this class]... a bounce back from Nebraska and went to Delta JC and had a great year there. He was committed to Washington State at the beginning and we were fortunate to get him flipped and have him stay home."



"When you see his tape I think you’re really going to be impressed. He’s a long athletic receiver that can do a lot of things and make some people miss. Has great body control. We have two very solid receivers." 


"He goes by Gunner. He’s a big 6-5 all-conference tight end from Ventura JC. [Ventura] ran a lot of 10 personnel and didn’t have a lot of tight ends on the field at times, but when he was in there, they really used him around the redzone. He’s a great target. He’s a former basketball player so he’s really athletic and has great body control. He gets up and gets the football, and did a nice job in run blocking as well. They did a lot of movement, pulling on counters and leader on backers."



"Coach Grubb had a great relationship [with Marc-David]. He’s a big guy at 6-5, 365 lbs. and I think that’s probably being generous, he’s probably a little heavier than that, but he’s a big man and he can move, he can really move."


"He played tight end at times as well. Just a really, really good athlete. Both [Marc-David and Dontae] just need to make the transition into the American game, but [Dontae has] great physical skills."


"A long tackle that actually goes to the high school that Aaron Rodgers attended, and so it was great to go back on campus there and see [Syrus]. A great family. He’s a long guy with long arms and is more of a tackle guy."


"Well coached and plays with great base. Really thick and athletic guy. Their high school coach did a great job of coaching him and he comes probably as one of the most well prepared guys in the class."


"Woodley, who signed last year and had to get some academic work done, he’s with us right now on campus. Really athletic, I can’t wait for you guys to see their tape, because you’ll see what I’m talking about, guys who have a little bit of attitude to them, they finish blocks, they play with some nastiness, they have the athletic ability to put themselves in position to finish plays."



"Great pass rusher off the edge. A highly recruited guy, probably one of the highest ranked guys if you’re going by rankings, but he’s really athletic and a great young man with a great family. He has the ability to make a sudden impact."


"Another guy with some speed and some edge rush. We felt like we really needed to improve our pass rush and get some edge rushers to get after the quarterback and [Richard and Damien] do it."


"He’s probably going to move inside even though he played outside in high school. He’s got the body type to get bigger and move down inside."


"He’s another edge rusher, a guy who plays with a great motor. A guy like this being 6-foot-1, anytime you can get guys like that, that play with great leverage and lean, they give big tall tackles a lot of problems. Those big tall tackles can’t bend, and when you watch [Emeka] play, he gets off the ball and has a great motor and bends the edge and he’s relentless getting after the passer."


"He will play corner. He’s a guy who has great range and being 5-11, he’s a guy that can cover out on the edge and play man-to-man defense. He comes up and he’ll hit you, and he’s really good in run support."


"He’ll play safety for us. A safety type of nickel guy that maybe can get closer to the box. He’s a very physical guy and when you watch him he comes downhill. He’s a big hitter and a kid that we felt that can play a couple different positions – a safety or come down and play a will or nickel position."


"He’s maybe the fastest guy in the class. A little bit smaller guy, but has great feet and great speed. Another guy that you feel comfortable with putting him out on the edge playing man-to-man."



"He’s a long corner who was highly recruited. He’s a track guy as well, but when you watch him play, same thing is true, when you get guys that are 6-foot-1 that can go out there on the corner, it gives you the ability to cover some of the mismatch guys that people try to match you up with."


"He’s a guy that can do a lot of things. I don’t know that he may not end up getting down in the box pretty soon. He’s a great looking guy, and when you watch him play receiver at that size, he has great body control and can go up and get the football, so when you watch him play receiver and you watch him play safety, you’re going to see the range that he’s going to be able to have. He played corner as well in high school and has really good instincts at corner. He’ll come up and make big plays and hit you. He’s instinctive to the ball. He has a lot of diversity to him."





"He is a guy that can play defense or offense depending on where our need is. He does both, but he is pretty electric with the ball in his hands. A dynamic guy. We’ll have to see where he can play the fastest for us."


"He is a linebacker/tight end guy, those are his two positions when you look at athlete. He’s really comfortable at tight end, you’ll see him split out playing receiver a lot at that size. He plays in the slot, but then when you watch him play linebacker, he’s very tough and he runs downhill and he’s very physical. He would be a guy that you could attached at tight end because he has the physical abilities, but the range and vertical threat to get down the field and catch the football."


"Another athlete that can play either side of the ball. When I first looked at Zane on tape he reminded me of Keenan Allen, a guy that I’ve coached before. The body control, going to the football, route running, just really natural to the football. He makes great catches and can play defense as well. Again, he will be in that position to find out where he’s going to play and where he can play the soonest."

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