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One-on-one with Fresno State TE Coach Scott Thompson

Hear the latest from Fresno State's new tight ends coach, Scott Thompson.

How is spring ball going for you and the tight ends so far?

It’s going really well. Getting better every day. The guys are working their tails off. It’s a joy to be able to coach them everyday.

What’s the role for tight ends going to be in this offense?

It remains to be seen. We’re still working through some things, but we’re going to have a tight end on the field every play. We’ll have both pass and run duties like a pro-style tight end.

What was the process of moving players to and from tight end?

We needed some help there so during the break, in January, we were been able to grab Kyle Hendrickson from the D-Line. He’s been nothing but a positive for us. He’s a really good football player for us and is going to help us down the road.

With the role being a work in progress, what are you coaching the tight ends?

We’re going back to simple fundamentals. That’s what we’re going to teach all spring, all summer - getting their pads down, proper footwork, proper hand placement, finishing. All those things that make guys good players.

What are your key principles for coaching your players?

Show up - first rule of getting better is to show up every day and be on time. They do a great job of that. Take pride in your techniques, take pride in your craft, and be known on the team as a guy that finishes on every play.

What’s it like to be back at Fresno State?

I love it. I love every second of it. I grew up here through the 80’s, my brother played here and I came after him. It’s like coming home for me. I love every second of it.

What were your thoughts when this job became an option?

It was exciting. I played for Coach Tedford so getting a chance to come back and work for a guy that taught me a lot about playing the game was exciting. Exciting for our family and I’m just happy to be back. It’s a blast.

Any favorite memories as a Bulldog?

There’s too many of them to name in an interview. Of course, all the wins, but more importantly all the Bulldogs I got to spend time with for the five years I was here. Guys I still talk to to this day that are here in Fresno. It’s been a joy to come back and see them all again and spend some time with them.

How is recruiting here to Fresno State?

It’s good. There’s a lot of excitement in the Valley, a lot of juice in the Valley. That’s good for us. We’re going to cover every edge of it, which is good. We want to get this stadium full again and go from there.

What are you looking for in players at the position?

Tough, hard-nosed, aggressive. A guy that takes pride in his craft. Doesn’t mind getting his nose bloodied, putting his hand in the dirt, but likes the pass game as well. A dual threat that can hang with the O-Line and hang with the wide receivers as well.

What’s the goal for the rest of spring?

Our goals are fundamentals… that’s my goal for the next three weeks is to get those things dialed in so we’re ready to go into summer, get stronger in the weight room and carry that into the fall.

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