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One-on-one with Fresno State Wide Receivers Coach Kirby Moore

BarkBoard.com talks one-on-one with Fresno State's new wide receivers coach, Kirby Moore.

How is spring ball going for you and your receivers?

It’s going well. Guys are getting better each day and that’s all we can ask for. They’re taking the teaching and applying it. We’re getting better in our meetings and executing on the field.

What’s it like taking on the full tasks as an assistant coach?

I’m enjoying it. I’m working with a great staff and working with a great group of receivers that make it fun to come into work every day.

Keesean Johnson mentioned that he was working both outside and inside – is that something we can expect to see going forward?

We want to be flexible. We want to be able to put guys in spots to wins. If someone is best at a curl route, we want to be able to put them in a spot for a curl route. If another guy is best at an inside corner route, we want to be able to put them there.

How is it coaching these players having played college ball yourself not too long ago?

I think it’s a benefit for me. I’ve been through some of their experiences, some of the routes and techniques defenders are playing in coverages. I think it’s been a good experience being able to talk wide receiver play and technique in meetings to be on the same language.

KeeSean and Jamire and the receivers in general are some of the more recognizable returners on the team, have they been able to stand out to you?

KeeSean has been out here making plays. Delvon, DaMari, really all the guys are doing a great job. Jamire will get back here soon and I’m looking forward to seeing him.

Coming from Boise State, what’s the transition been like?


It’s been good. I’ve played here – I had some good experiences, had one bad experience that I think about a little bit, but coming here to work is great. I think there’s a lot of similarities in the programs. So many people are involved with this Bulldog football program. I’m just looking forward to (the season).

How do the facilities here compare?

I think they’re wonderful. Obviously we’re trying to upgrade the stadium, but the stadium itself is great. I’m looking forward to… seeing it full and having some big games.

When it comes to recruiting, how have you handled that so far?

It’s been good. I really like recruiting, meeting people, talking to people and understanding where they’re coming from. I think this place is a great place to sell – the Bulldog tradition, the number of receivers who have played here and gone to the next level, and the offenses we’ve had here – Coach Tedford and Coach DeBoer, I think recruiting is going great.

What are you looking for in future Bulldog receivers?

First we’re looking for guys who can make plays. Guys who have a good catch radius, good route running technique. They’ve got to have good speed, but I’d rather look at their hand-eye coordination, their route running and that they can spread the field.

What principles are you trying to instill on your players?

I’ve said it before, just being consistent – being a consistent person day in and day out. People know what they are going to get with you. That’s something I pride myself on and I try to instill to my receivers whether it’s in school, on the field or in the meeting room.

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