Sacramento athlete Khalil Foye unofficially visits Fresno State

Two-way athlete Khalil Foye discusses his visit experience at Fresno State.

Fresno State defensive line coach Jamar Cain is looking to rebuild the pipeline of Sacramento talent to the Central Valley, and one such potential athlete visited campus earlier this week. Sacramento (Calif.) Capital Christian High School defensive back Khalil Foye walked down the ramp into Bulldog Stadium to observe Monday’s practice and unofficially visit the school.

The six-foot-three and 188-pound athlete of the 2018 class is being projected as a safety.

“I liked their energy a lot,” Foye said of the practice. “Coach Cain, he’s a guy also from Sacramento... I like Coach Cain, he’s a pretty chill guy. He seems very easy going. He’s a great coach as well from what I watched.

“Coach J.D. Williams is a good guy, he has a lot of energy when he coaches too. He’s a very attention-to-details kind of guy. I was watching him during the drills. He would have the players come back and have them do it again. That’s what I like to see is a coach that takes his time and wants his players to get it done the right way. Quality over quantity.”

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Through his experience with the 7-on-7 team Kenion Training, Foye has gotten additional exposure and opportunities to visit several campuses. Other unofficial visits included Oregon, USC, Washington, San Jose State, UNLV and Portland State. He has also drawn interest from San Diego State.

Of his impression on Fresno State, Foye said, “It’s a great school for the conference they are in, I would say. They do play some big teams. The energy of the town - everybody packs into the stadium. In academics, they offer some of the same as some of the big schools, which I really like that they key in on that. The coaches are great coaches overall… overall the coaching is pretty much up there.”

Foye said that his ultimate priorities for college are academics, environment, coaching staff and how the scheme fits his position.

On the field, Foye said, “For defense and offense, my IQ is pretty high when it comes to the game. At safety I’m able to tell where the receiver is going based off of alignment and having their body language a certain way. I’m good at reading the ball over the top when I’m playing free safety… It’s pretty easy to read since I play both sides of the ball. You almost have to think like a receiver. Safety is the quarterback of the defense, you have to know what’s going on around you.

“At receiver, I’ve got good hands. It helps at safety going up for good picks and I can go up for the ball. For someone as tall as I am I’m able to play slot. I have good route running and I run hard.”

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