's Former Fresno State Bulldogs series (Preview): James Sanders

Former Fresno State Bulldog and NFL standout James Sanders has returned home to the Central Valley to work with up-and-coming athletes at the Sierra Racquet Club. Sanders reflects on his time at Fresno State and what he hopes to do in the future. premium members can hear the full-length interview by clicking the link at the end of the article.

Former Fresno State Bulldog James Sanders was a standout from 2002-04 before being drafted in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. The Porterville native played eight seasons in the NFL, six of which with the New England Patriots. 

When asked about being recruited to Fresno State, Sanders said, "It felt great. Growing up, you dream about playing for the Bulldogs. To have the opportunity to get recruited by Fresno State among other schools in California was a dream come true... To have Pat Hill sit around with you at Monache High School in Porterville where I went, and have everyone in awe - it was a surreal feeling. I was blessed to have that experience and I look forward to helping kids now days to achieve their dream of playing football at the next level."

Sanders is doing just that through his "Practice like a pro (with a pro)" program. Sanders partnered with Steve Sobonya who is a former strength and conditioning coach at Fresno State under both Jim Sweeney and Pat Hill. An interview with Sobonya will also be featured on this week. 

"I'm working with a lot of football players, but not just football players - tennis, basketball, soccer as well as softball," Sanders said. "The key to my program is developing speed, quickness, agility, explosiveness, as well as strength. I'm using a lot of the drills and strength programs that I experienced at the Division I level and the professional level. 

"I'm helping these kids because I didn't have much direction growing up. For me to be successful and now be in a position where I can help young athletes, to inspire to play at a high level... if I can help them achieve that, it's like I'm living my dream again."

Any guardians or young athletes looking to train with Sanders can be reached through Facebook or the Sierra Racquet Club premium members can listen to the full-length interview for more about Sanders' in-depth experience as a Bulldog. 

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