FS-SJSU Post Game Quotes

Quotes from players and coaches following Fresno State's 30-0 victory.

Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill

"At the end of the half, there were a lot of people who were disappointed that we went for the field goal rather than the touchdown. The second half it was very important to us to get off to a fast start and the rest is history."

"All I've heard for a year since San Jose State is that we had fallen behind San Jose State. The first drive was the big momentum changer in the second half. We're not a big, try to pad your stats team. Thirty-nothing I'll take it."

"Our defense played great, shutouts are hard to get in college football. We haven't given up a touchdown in Bulldog Stadium in three games. This team is rolling along really well and they're starting to gain confidence."

"To a defense, it is very big to get shutouts. They're a team that had averaged a lot of yards passing. They got a couple of long balls on us, but the bottom line is keeping them from scoring. I think we did a very good job of containing a good football team. For a whole year all I heard was that San Jose had gotten by us."

Fresno State linebacker Ben Jacobs

"It was a big statement. We knew that San Jose would be a tough game. It was big for us to come out and put a goose-egg on them like that. The key to the game was communication. Getting the plays called across the field was the key for us today. At halftime, we were feeling pretty good. We knew we just had to stay strong in defense and let our offense get something going and they did."

"The interception was big; it was huge. Especially on the first play of the game. Being one of the last teams to get an interception is hard, but interceptions, you can't hang your hat on them."

Fresno State defensive back Damion Owens

"First play of the game. Really I was just trying to get into my zone and I saw the ball. My eyes just kind of lit up. It was real exciting."

San Jose State Head Coach Dick Tomey

"That was a sound whopping. Fresno has a good football team. We were completely out-coached and out-played in all phases. So that was very disappointing."

"We had our chances to get on the board. We got to the 30 and we just couldn't do anything. We just didn't make anything happen when we got the ball deep in their territory."

"The kickoff return to start the second half was a big play. We were just down six at half and hanging right in there. They have a great kickoff team."

"We continue to be frustrated trying to kick a field goal. If we are going to be any kind of a team, we are going to have to make field goals."

San Jose Linebacker Matt Castelo

"They had that big kickoff return. And after that first touchdown we kind of hung our heads. A few missed tackles kind of snowballed."

"I give all the credit to Fresno State. They are a physical team. But we felt we could have beaten them. But losing like that is embarrassing."

"I thought we came out strong in the first half. We held them to two field goals. I think we have to be smarter watching the ball and not hitting players near the sideline. That really did hurt us."

"I think if we made field goals our team would have had more confidence. It would have brought us some momentum."

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