Game Review: Georgia Southern vs Citadel

In their first meeting since 2012 when the Eagles fell to The Citadel 23-21, Georgia Southern takes the Citadel behind the wood shed.

Not much went well for the Bulldogs during their return to Paulson Stadium. One could only imagine what it was like for their seniors to see 25,000 fans & a new FOC building with a huge jumbo-tron. The last time The Citadel visited Paulson Stadium the FOC was a small scoreboard on a hill of grass and dirt. With an addition of the mid-deck, the atmosphere is nothing like GS's FCS days.

As the game started right away you could tell there was a huge talent gap. One might say, "but GS has only been in the FBS for 1 year."This is true, but since 2013 the coaches knew the program was going to move up to the FBS. From 2013 to 2015, Georgia Southern has been signing recruits with an FBS label as a selling point. That's 3 years of FBS talent on the roster. The first drive started out with an interception by a defensive end, Ross Alexander from the 2014 recruiting class.This would set a tone for the rest of the first half. Five offensive drives for The Citadel would pass with zero points. Here's a list of how those drives went.

- Dropped ball by wide open WR on 4th & 2

- 3 & out

- Delay of game creates 3rd and long: Failed B-Back middle run forces a punt

- Interception by Darrius White on 3rd down & long

- Forced fumble by Logan Hunt recovered by Riyahd Jones

Every mistake listed above led The Citadel trailing by 31-0 at half. Those mistakes don't even account for all the recovered fumbles by the Bulldogs. Once the second half started, the second team players started getting their reps for the Eagles. The Bulldogs showed some fight in them during a huge 60 yard TD run by their B-Back, Evan McField. That score would make it 31-7. The final score would end in a 48-13 victory for the Eagles.

What can we take away from this game?

- The defense has depth and will contend for the #1 spot in the Sun Belt

- All three of Georgia Southern's top RBs can play as the #1 on most Sun Belt teams. L.A. Ramsby looks more and more like Jerick McKinnon each game. The stiff arm, the cut backs, finding holes, rushing for power, and even his jump step is similar to Jerick's.

- Ellison is back and Upshaw has gained valuable experience. Everyone should be happy with a 2-1 start to the season so far.

- The crowds are huge. Game days in Paulson are getting even better with each season. There is plenty of fan overflow in the grass sections as well.

- Ryan Longoria is healthy and showed some great promise. Ryan recorded 5 receptions on 43 yards. Teams are loading the box. Look for plenty of balls to be thrown his way.

- The Eagles are starting to throw the ball more when defensive coordinators load the box. The outside WR screens and mid-range comeback routes were successful.

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