Scelfo Weighing All of His (Many) Options spoke exclusively with Joseph Scelfo, a 6'2" 284 lb offensive guard out of North Oconee High School who holds 19 offers, including FCS offers from Georgia State, Presbyterian, Samford, App State and South Alabama, and FBS offers from Western Kentucky, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Monroe, Army, and Syracuse. In addition, Florida State wants him to greyshirt.

Joseph is being recruited by GSU Coach Mike Riddle to fill the void at Center due to the departure of Ben Jacoby who graduated this year. Scelfo played at the Offensive Guard position in his senior year due to team needs, and excelled in the process, breaking school records for knockdowns and pancakes, but prefers playing Center and is looking forward to getting back to it.

His very first offer was from UAB, who offered him on signing day last year, but with the variety of offers that he now holds, he is trying to be patient with his decision, saying "I don't want to rush into the decision, I definitely want to take my officials and be smart about the decision.  I haven't paid too much attention to it during the fall as we were playing because we made a good run, so I'm just now picking up with it in a don't really have a favorite right now." We talked to him in detail about the process and how he is evaluating his options.

What are you looking for in a school?
"Really somewhere that if I took football out of it, I would want to go to school for four years.  I look at the coaches, but they could be gone with one phone call.  You can’t blame them if the right job comes around for their family, but they could be gone, so I look for the players in the meeting rooms that are there now and see if I get along with them."

When looking at the program itself, what are you looking at?
"The players that are there, how they like it, the offense that they run. I like to run block a lot, so I'd like to go to a team that runs the ball a good bit. And if they are going to win it definitely helps out a lot – makes you a lot happier when you are winning."

Is the opportunity to play right away part of the decision?
"No, I just want to work hard and then if I’m good enough to start early, then I’ll start, but if I’m not good enough then I not going to want to put myself in that situation.  It’s really hard for offensive linemen to play early at the next level, so I’m not expecting to.  I know what I’ll have to do going into the season and I know I’ll have to work hard and prepare the right way to have a chance."

Have you taken any official visits yet?
"No, I haven’t set any up.  I know I’m going to take one to Louisiana Tech and South Alabama, and then I’ll fill in the other three spots soon."

Regarding South Alabama, is the fact that they are going to be in the Sunbelt next year a plus for them over an FCS school?
"It definitely is a plus.  The location is great too in Mobile.  Always in the past we vacationed there in the Orange Beach - Pedido Key area.  That is where we would go summers and spring break.  I grew up in New Orleans; my dad is one of eight, so all my cousins, uncles, aunts, everybody’s down there in Louisiana."

Your Dad is in Atlanta [coach with the Falcons], does that come into the decision?
"Yes.  Georgia State is right there, so if my games are in the Dome and he can come watch me, that definitely a plus because that way he’s into it a lot."

Playing the way you did your senior year, I’m sure that has increased the attention surrounding you.
"It’s getting overwhelming.  I didn’t have much attention before, then I had a good junior year and sent my tape out to the right people.  Then I got my first offer.  Then over the summer it just took off.  There’s a lot of kids who would buy to be in this situation so I’m thankful."

Last weekend, Joseph visited Georgia Tech, who he is hoping to get an offer from and has indicated that one may be coming, and enjoyed the visit, saying that they treated him very well, and he had a chance to hang out with some of the players he knew after the game. This week he has had home visits with Louisiana Tech and Western Kentucky. He hasn't decided yet, but he may take an unofficial visit to Georgia State this weekend, so check back with us soon to get his reactions and thoughts as he moves through the process.

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