Trent Thompson Confirms He Remains Committed

Amid rumors regarding the statuts of his committment QB prospect Trent Thompson spoke exclusively with regarding his status.

Despite rumors that he had moved on from Georgia State in his recruitment, Trent Thompson confirmed to that he has always been committed to the Panthers.

The world of recruiting is built upon rumors and sources claiming to have the inside scoop. With silent commits, prospects changing their minds from week to week, and the constant shuffle of coaches in and out of programs, it can be hard sometimes to really get a good grasp on if a player is truly "committed" to a program or not.

So when rumors started to fly around that one of Georgia State's commitments, Quarterback Trent Thompson from McEachern High School, had begun to waver on his pledge, it certainly got Panther fans feeling a little uneasy.

However,  when asked if his commitment was still solid, Trent Thompson spoke with this evening and put those rumors to bed.

"Yes, sir. I am still committed to Georgia State," replied Thompson.

A welcome sound to Panther fans who greatly anticipate is arrival.

"I don't really know where those rumors came from," Thompson continued. "I have been hearing them all myself but the really isn't a whole lot of truth to them."

So with the matter of his recruitment settled, Trent went on to give some more surprising news when asked if he has been recruiting other prospects to Georgia State.

"I have been talking to the other prospects who are already committed, but I think they are out of scholarships so there really isn't anyone left to recruit."

Unless Georgia State plans on signing a smaller class than expected, than it appears as though there could be more commits who have yet to come to the light. But as for Trent Thompson, it could not be more clear where he stands.

Thompson will sign his letter of intent sometime next wednesday morning, around nine o'clock.

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