Speedy Back Determined to Be A Panther

Still recovering from a season ending injury, Jonathan Jean-Bart is working hard to get ready for his first season as a Georgia Stat Panther. Panthersville.com continues our recruiting features by catching up with the Henry County prospect.

Jonathan Jean-Bart was having the best season of his career in 2011 before a season ending injury sidelined him and put his football playing future in doubt. Panthersville.com spoke with Jonathan about his recruitment to GSU and where he stands in his recovery.

“I’m healing very well and I’m getting stronger,” Jean-Bart stated. “With my speedy recovery, I know I will be ready for the season to come.”

That is a welcome sound for Panther fans as Jean-Bart certainly showed what he was capable of before the injury. In just six games Jonathan ran for 536 yards on 81 carries for an incredible average of 6.62 yards per carry and scored 6 touchdowns. Jean-Bart alongside South Carolina commit Chris Moody formed one of the most effective running duos in the state during that time. Jean-Bart was also effective in the passing game, catching seven passes for 33 yards and another touchdown.

But anyone who has sustained a serious injury playing sports will tell you that your mindset trying to comeback from that injury is critical to the recovery process. Having a poor mindset doesn’t seem to be an issue with this running back.

“I don’t give up till I succeed,” Jean-Bart said. “I love the game of football so my passion for it allows me to continue pursuing my career as a football player.”

So once we established that Jean-Bart does plan on playing next season, the question remained why he picked GSU over an FBS offer from Ball State and an offer from Gardener-Webb.

“GSU is building a great football foundation that I would like to be a part of,” commented Jean-Bart. “The school's atmosphere is great and they have great coaches that I can get along with very well. Mostly I just feel this is where God is leading me.”

Jean-Bart will be signing his letter of intent at 10:30.

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