Jeff Greene Takes in a Georgia Tech Game

Starr's Mill wide receiver and Georgia Tech commit Jeff Greene attended Georgia Tech's first game of the season with South Carolina State. Jeff talked about how the game and the difference attending the game as a commit after earlier attending a game last season as a recruit.

This was Jeff Greene's second chance to attend a Georgia Tech football game. Last season he was on campus for the Georgia game. "It was a great experience once again," said Greene. "It felt much better attending the game as a commit rather than being a recruit visitor." Greene felt more like a member of the team as a commit. "You get to go out to midfield with Coach (Paul) Johnson and you get to do a few other things that you don't get to do as a recruit visitor."

While at the game, Greene had a chance to get together with some of the other commits. "I finally got a chance to talk with Darren Waller, Jabari Hunt-Days, and Domonique Noble in person." Greene had previously talked to all of them on the phone just as he had done with Vad Lee before he committed to Georgia Tech. "I feel we have good chemistry and I know the coaches like for us to talk with one another and like us to talk up Georgia Tech to the other recruits not committed to Tech," said Green. "We try to talk all we can."

Greene's commit to Georgia Tech has not stopped other schools from trying to contact him. "I still receive mail from other schools and the Mississippi State coaches have called and tried to get me to reconsider." Greene is telling them that he is happy with his commit. "I'm close to home and I'm with a school that I wanted to be with for a while now." Mississippi State is still planning on coming to his school to see him play. "I'm happy to be a Georgia Tech commit and can't wait to get there and I hope the other schools know I am happy with my choice."

Jeff has only had the chance to play part of one game thus far this season for Starrs Mill. "I dislocated my thumb in the first game after having two catches for forty eight yards with one of them being a one handed thirty three yard reception." Green's coach will see how this week's game is going to determine whether or not he'll let him play. "He doesn't want to ruin my year for one game," said Greene. "If the team really needs me I will play and if not I will sit this one out and start the next game."

Jeff was very pleased with his first game day experience as a Georgia Tech commit. He has made plans to attend all the Tech home games and can't wait for the North Carolina State game to get here. Greene and his fellow commits will continue to talk to other recruits as they try to help put together a top recruiting class. Top Stories